It’s All About Perspective

Using books is a must in my therapy room! I’m sure it is in your room too. It provides context for the concepts we are targeting in our sessions, and when we have context the skills we are working on generalize. 

Perspective taking is not an easy concept to work on. This is because perspective taking requires sophisticated uses of semantics, syntax and pragmatic language. 

So how are we going to tackle perspective taking? A fellow speech therapist recommended the book Seven Blind Mice, so I decided to give it a try and now I’m hooked! I found that working on perspective taking using a book containing reduced linguistic demands is helpful. The repetition and highlight of color (i.e., red mouse/red pillar) also makes this book a good choice.

You can get your free copy of the organizer I use in my sessions here.

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What we know from the literature and how perspective taking relates to persuasive writing:

  • Success with perspective taking requires sophisticated uses of semantics, syntax and pragmatic language. 
  • It is a demanding task that requires higher level language to analyze, discuss and resolve topics in a cohesive and clear manner that also takes into consideration the listeners point of view. 
  • In writing a persuasive essay, the author embraces a particular point of view and tries to convince the reader to adopt that same perspective.
  • In order to produce a strong argument, the writer must engage in social perspective taking to develop an awareness of what others know, value and believe. 


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